Spinoza's Ethics 2.0

Two Spinozas WeavedSpinoza's Ethics 2.0 is a web-based repository of the text of several versions of Spinoza's magnum opus, but more importantly, this site provides a representation of the structure of the geometrical demonstrations of Spinoza's Ethics.

This is the sixth and most complete iteration of a web-based implementation of a project I started a number of years ago. The original project consisted of a spreadsheet that graphically represents the demonstrations of Spinoza's Ethics in such a way that information is both easily seen, and easily manipulated. From the spreadsheet, data could be produced that are simply inaccessible from the text of the Ethics without serious (and tedious) effort.

In this implementation, I have used a database to allow much more powerful data manipulation and display possibilities. Currently, these remain mostly possibilities, but I decided it was worthwhile to display web-versions of the original charts, as well as some rudimentary data that mostly consists of tabulation. I intend to update the site as I find time to do so.

I should acknowledge a debt to Ron Bombardi's excellent hypertext version of the Elwes translation of the Ethics. There are a number of other sites that are similar to this one, including the EthicaDB, the Ethica Help-Web, and various versions of the Latin, Dutch, and Elwes texts. Some of these may be more useful for specific purposes than others. My aim is to augment these resources by presenting Spinoza's thought according to my own order of thinking. There are a number of difficulties with any formalization of Spinoza's use of the Geometrical Method that make it initially resistant to searchability or data-entry. Spinoza's idiosyncratic style often involves shorthand demonstrations of the form "This is demonstrated the same way as the previous proposition." In such cases, I have made these demonstrations explicit in the database. I have also made editorial calls to "fix" a number of disputed cases according to the footnotes of Edwin Curley's translation. These cases are noted by an asterisk in the charts. Hopefully taking such liberties makes this site a useful addition to the online Spinoza universe.

Conceived and Constructed
By Torin Doppelt, PhD Student
Dept. of Philosophy - Queen's University
Contact: torin@spinozism.org